“…while I lived a successful life by many metrics, I came to Ray because I felt flat and uninspired…Ray critically facilitated my transition and helped me build the toolbox I needed to navigate my personal and professional life and bring it to its fullest potential.”

Martin Angst, M.D., Professor of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine

“…I recognized the need to address my life concerns and to spend focused time with a coaching expert to gain insight, perspective, and a fresh approach…Ray helped me reset my focus regarding my perceptions, values and aspirations.  The intuition, skills, and wisdom that Ray demonstrated from the beginning of this process were superlative.  I now have a clearly defined set of personal goals as well as strategies to get there.”

Fabian Mansson, Former CEO of both H&M and Eddie Bauer

Raymond brought clarify and purpose to my emotions, actions and formation of new goals for my personal and professional development.  Ray has the ability to get you to dig and reconnect with yourself and bring all your experiences together to help you move into your future.

Barbara J. Friedman, Former Partner, Sterling International Executive Search

“…I was feeling emotionally and intellectually exhausted, as though I was losing control on all sides of my life. There was no balance, no sense of fulfillment, only frustration and stress.  I learned from Ray how to develop a ‘lead from behind’ philosophy that spoke to the heart of collaboration…that I used to establish clarity and purpose to my professional life, while nurturing and becoming more appreciative of my personal life.  Ultimately, Ray introduced me to someone I had lost touch with long ago, myself.  Ray also taught me to appreciate how truly precious life is.”

Paul Raffin, CEO & Founder of The Merchant Matrix

“…Ray proved himself to be a wonderful combination of substance, insight, and personal care…capable of being both nuturing and tough-minded…all through the lens that the individual is most accountable for his/her leadership.  Ray helps bring that person’s best to this responsibility.”

Michael Keane, Chief Administrative Officer, P.F. Chang

“I found your process to be thoughtful, grounded, expansive, and tailored specifically for my unique situation.  It has had an actionable, profound difference in my life. Your ability to take a deep dive into experience, life state and personal interest along with hidden blind spots and strengths was illuminating.  It is very difficult to get all of the components to live together in a single, coherent map and we were able to get there (and refine) in our intensive one-on-one sessions.”

Edward Menicheschi, Silver Fox Productions, Former CMO, Conde Nast Publications and  Former Publisher, Vanity Fair Magazine

This is just a handful of the testimonies I’ve received over the last 3 decades from men and women, entrepreneur to CEO to mid-management.  If you need more, please do not hesitate to ask. Raymond Davi

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