Martin Angst, M.D., Professor of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine
“Ray was the gentle, attentive, witty, and insightful guide that I needed to make this journey successfully. As I learned how I operate I was able to take a proactive role in letting go of old activities that frustrated me and engage in novel professional and personal efforts better aligned with a cause that was important to me, my core values, my collaborative nature, and my preference for vertical organizational structures that value intuition, non-linear thinking, and a people-centric approach. Ray critically facilitated this transition and helped me build the “tool box” to navigate my personal and professional life and bring it to its fullest potential.
Thank you, Ray, I feel the spark again!”

Michael, Keane, Chief Human Resources Officer, P.F. Chang, Scottsdale, AZ
“…Ray provides extraordinary focus and support to senior leaders.”…

“Working in this environment, I could not have envisioned a better relationship from working with Ray, in content, process and results. In short, Ray proved himself to be a wonderful combination of substance, insight, and personal care.”…

“You will find him to be focused on balancing your business’ needs with the needs of the individual, and capable of being both nurturing and tough-minded with whomever he coaches, all through the lens that the individual is most accountable for his/her leadership. Ray helps bring that person’s best to this responsibility.”

Sanna Lindberg, Former Executive Vice- President,Global Human Resources , and currently Director of Global Special Projects, H&M, Stockholm
“By working together with Ray, I could see that I could neutralize myself and start a new process from a bigger picture.
His daily exercises helped me connect on a deeper level within myself.
He is the most down to earth consultant I have ever met so far , and that has helped me to open-up and think outside “my box”.
Very early in the process I learned that I have to let it take the time needed. It’s a longer process. The process forced me to talk in the first–person, not in the third-person.
I now feel comfortable in what I have started.
Time for a change…it feels great!”.

Mr. Edward Menicheschi, former Chief Marketing Officer, Conde Nast & President of Conde Nast Media, and Former Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer at Vanity Fair Magazine, New York
I found your process to be thoughtful, grounded, expansive and tailored specifically for my unique situation. It has had an actionable, profound difference in my life.

Thoughtful: Your ability to take a deep dive into experience, life stage and personal interest along with hidden blind spots and strengths was illuminating.
Grounded: The process you deploy of exploring and setting priorities; financial, professional and personal needs was incredibly helpful in surfacing a future path and creating a plan of action to get there.

Expansive: Your ability to build upon Eastern and Western philosophy and techniques on finding one’s true purpose allowed me to challenge long held assumptions, my internal feedback loop and personal narrative.

Tailored: I felt that at every step of the process you used a perfect blend of process rigor (setting the table and digging deep into the why and the how behind how I got here) and open exploration in charting a new path.

You removed limited thinking and created an environment to really dig into new paths. In addition, the tactical “reading list” that you created for me provided great context on the inner journey and again, grounded my thinking and provided support for my decision-making process.

Your unique combination of business acumen and deep empathy made you a remarkable, trusted partner in every one of these calls.

I feel as if I have a real advantage both personally and professionally as I happily enter this next phase. I am so grateful I had the chance to work with you Ray. Even more excited to call you my “trusted advisor” on the journey to come.

Paul Raffin, Former Group President,
LI and FUNG, LTD, USA, New York
“What Ray offered me was a life line in the form of a toolkit, comprised of readings, reflections a new language and a heightened sense of self awareness. I learned how to develop a “lead from behind” philosophy that spoke to the heart of collaboration and the empowerment of great teams.

We explored both behavioral and business applications that I used to establish a clarity and purpose to my professional life, while nurturing and becoming more appreciative of my personal life.

With Ray’s guidance, I learned how to communicate in an open way, and maintain an open-mindedness to new ideas and new ways of thinking. The results I have seen in both the business and the people I manage have been transforming.

Ultimately, having re-established a true connection with what matters most to me and no longer overwhelmed by an inability to deal with my state of overload.

Ray has helped teach me to ride these waves of life in an inspiring way, appreciating how precious it truly is.”

Margaret Carter, Founder, Patchwork Traditional Food Co., Wales, UK
“Ray quickly defined my need for guidance and understanding, in relationship to where I am on my life’s professional journey. My objectives were met through Ray’s clarity and instant understanding of how to approach the key issues and dynamics that opened me, to become fully aware, and to move forward and plan my future. The simplicity of his language and his hold of all concepts “real,” made our work attainable and easy for me to assimilate.

Susan Kennedy, Founder, Planet SARK, San Francisco, Artist, Author of over 15 Books, including the best seller, Wild Succulent Woman
“Ray manages to blend the ethereal and linear worlds in a remarkable way that is both intuitive and brilliant in its depth and attention to detail. I experienced Ray’s way of working as persistent, professional, very focused, with appropriate dashes of humor and availability to take responsibility during times of conflict.”

Harlan Bratcher, Former CEO, A/X Armani Exchange, New York
“(You) gave me insight into the many diverse influences in today’s world that affect everything around us, giving me new tools to deal with and recognize change. Ray, you’re the Zen master of dealing with change. The world needs more of you.”

Lou Paget, Founder, The Sexuality Seminars and Frankly Speaking, Inc., Los Angeles and Author of 3 Books including the best seller, How to be a Great Lover
“When I need a ‘Ray-fix’ he is but a phone call away…. He keeps his finger on the pulse of his clients with articles, quick catch up calls…. He tells you things that are already in your brain that you didn’t know were in your brain. He acts as your training wheels when you can’t grasp a concept. He distills his comments and instructions to their simplest and most powerful form.”

Barbara J. Friedman, Partner, Sterling International Executive Search, New York
“Ray has the most wonderful , gentle , and insightful manner that has helped me through this transition period in my life. He has brought clarity and purpose to my emotions, actions, and formation of new goals for my personal and professional development.
Ray has the ability to get you to dig and reconnect with yourself and bring all your experiences together to help you move yourself into your future.
He is a gentle and loving wise soul who will remain in my life from now on. I highly recommend his services to anyone in search of reinventing themselves and moving their lives forward with grace, focus and purpose.”

Bro. Bede Healey, OSB Cam, Phd, Vice-Prior, New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur
“No task was too big or too small for Ray & we found him to be an exceptionally skilled change agent. Ray and has the rare capacity to be fully present to those with whom he is working–one feels that he is there for you and you alone. He is especially skilled at applying his considerable skill set to a wide variety of problems and issues. He enjoys understanding the puzzles that are at the heart of contemporary business and management issues, and especially as they play out with the staff as they face these issues.”

Kerry Enright, Former Executive Director, National AIDS Memorial Grove, San Francisco
“I cannot thank you enough for helping nudge me onto this amazing path of self-employment. Your encouragement and belief in me were integral to my being able to make this leap. You still help me in so many ways—were you a cheerleader?”

Ms. Jo Wilder, Former Real Estate Agent, Beverly Hills
“He became a business and career advisor to me, guiding me through some treacherous times when my judgment was not clear. He has constantly been there always returning my focus back to my particular strengths and skills.
I also firmly believe that anyone who takes advantage of his broad point of view through his business and personal mentoring would be a very lucky soul.”

Wayne Davis, President, Secret Road Music, Los Angeles
“His abilities to extract ideas and guide us through our brainstorming sessions are priceless. The time spent with Ray is always productive and enlightening. He is able to give you a clear and definitive plan of action and always follows-up to check your progress.
Ray Davi is a wonderfully unique and enlightened man. His ability to extract clear ideas from a storm cloud of thoughts is a talent that few possess.

Gayle Ortiz, Founder, Gayle’s Bakery and Former Mayor, Capitola, California
“The time spent with you will be indefinitely etched in my mind forever. I see more clearly my role in helping Capitola be the community we all want it to be. I can see the bigger picture these days instead of getting mucked up in the details. Thank you a million times for sharing who you are. You’re contagious!”

Lynne Franks, Founder of Seednetwork.com, London, and Author of The Seed Handbook and Absolutely Now
“Your tremendous clarity and strategic planning helped me more than I can ever say on focusing and making sense of the many projects I am currently juggling.”

Bobby Shand, C.E.O., The Shand Group, Santa Barbara, CA
“Thank you for being a “visionary implementer”.

You have helped inspire me in my focus and attention to “the moments”, which help in keeping my personal quality-of-life in balance with my career and business life.

The work you have done with me, within The Shand Group and with several of our clients and potential clients, has given us all the “outside fuel” to get to the next level.

I highly recommend you as a guide, mentor or personal advocate to anyone smart enough to realize that in today’s world, a view from another perspective is one of the key ingredients required to keep one in harmony with the fast-changing environment we live and work in.”

Annie Somerville, Executive Chef, GREEN’S Restaurant, San Francisco
“Through my sessions with Ray, the most important outcome has been my new found proactive approach in taking responsibility for areas that I had previously lost momentum and interest in my career and in my personal life.

In the process of reviewing my career, Ray gave me new ways to gain insights in which to broaden my creative life at Green’s, and within the restaurant and food industries, as well as within the broader community at large. Ray’s focus and guidance has brought me to a new approach of empowering others, an inspirational collaborative approach for building teams, and most importantly, stepping back to always see the “Big Picture”.