Life and Career Planning

New challenges are created for us daily in our business, social and personal lives. In order to grow and evolve, we must confront the following challenges in these arenas:

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Impersonal Business Environments
  • The need for balance between Personal Life and Professional Demands

These points are aspects of the business community from which no one engaged in commerce is exempt. Balancing a private life with a strong work ethic has become daily more difficult. It is most important to invest in your personal future, to gain perspective on your current situation and to make an ongoing roadmap for your future.

This process begins with an interview and results are customized with a questionnaire providing information, which becomes the basis for building your personalized vision. An attempt will be undertaken to clarify your career aspirations, personal needs, and quality of life issues in the manner suggested below.

  • One-to-one Workshop Facilitation in a Retreat setting
  • Establishment of Life and Career Priorities
  • Assuring a Comfort Level between your Internal and External Life
  • Proactive Planning of your Life Vision through establishment of your Personal Mission
  • Development of your Personal Roadmap will include your Timeline, Reference Points, Actions, and desired Outcomes
  • Development of a Process that will connect you to your Natural Energy and Intuition
  • By Revisiting your Personal and Professional Passions, you will be able to explore and create Fresh Possibilities in your internal and external life.