Facilitated Sabbaticals

The individual’s sabbatical program begins with the commitment to take the time necessary to determine one’s future. Then, one must remove one’s self—physically, mentally and spiritually— from reactive environments to a space where a larger, more conscious vision of one’s future and options can be crafted.

Raymond Davi’s customized sabbatical program facilitates the individual’s creation of a master plan for achieving short & long term goals and strategies for life and career.

Program includes:
– an initial intake interview, assessment and identification of key areas of focus and outcome objectives , along with an initial plan for the sabbatical timeline.
– ongoing in-depth intensive sessions between the individual and Raymond Davi for further discovery, prioritization and development of key areas.
– individual free time planning for inner–personal development and necessary research.
– identification of appropriate reading, viewing or listening materials.
– optional recommendations of supplemental experts and/or professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the sabbatical itself, it is wise to sign up for follow-up phone calls with Raymond Davi. Re-entering one’s daily life poses challenges to the participant maintaining focus and commitment. One’s future plan necessarily evolves based on outside circumstances; however, negotiating between those realities and a deeply held vision most often needs an advocate who believes in one’s perspective.

Potential Outcomes include:
– personal revitalization, including further development of intuitive strengths, access to deeper creative skill sets and clarity of personal and career passions and priorities.
– deeper and greater sense of focus on life & vocational self-fulfillment.
– identification of the individual’s key operating principles & skills for clarity of future decision-making, as well as a newly defined language with the power to assist in one’s long term evolution.
– customized roadmap for short/medium/ long term decision-making , including considerations and options for next steps of life & career realignments, opportunities, and responsibilities.
– a personalized tool kit of key reference materials and inspirational bibliography .